Renergen pens LNG supply deal with South African transport company

Renergen, the operator of a small liquefied natural gas plant in South Africa, said it had signed agreements with transport company Timelink to supply LNG and displace diesel in the latter’s fleet of trucks.

According to a statement by Renergen, privately-owned Timelink, which offers specialist services in long-distance transport, will convert its fleet to operate on diesel dual-fuel (DDF) technology.

Renergen signed the deal via its subsidiary Tetra4did but it did not reveal any further details regarding the contract.

In September last year, Renergen launched what it says is South Africa’s first commercial LNG production plant as part of the first phase of its Virginia gas and helium development.

Renergen also plans the second stage of the Virginia gas project and expects it to become operational in 2026.

The company said in the statement that the first phase will produce around 50 tons of LNG daily, while Virginia Phase 2 will see this increase to about 680 tons, or 940,000 diesel liter equivalent a day.

Renergen said it plans to have “multiple” LNG filling points across South Africa that will deliver the fuel to selected customers across all the major highways once the Virginia project is in its second phase.

“The adoption of sustainable solutions in business has reached a tipping point, partners like Timelink are among those leading the pack,” Renergen CEO Stefano Marani said in the statement.

“Timelink now has a distinct advantage over competitors when speaking to customers demanding a lower carbon footprint from their logistics suppliers, as well as enjoying a reduced operating cost and increasing operational flexibility,” he said.

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