UK was top destination for US LNG in January

The UK was the top destination for US liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies for the third month in a row in January.

According to the Department of Energy’s newest LNG monthly report, US terminals shipped 63 Bcf of LNG to the UK in January, 39.3 Bcf to Turkey, 36.5 Bcf to Netherlands, 34.1 Bcf to France, and 24.5 Bcf to South Korea.

These five countries took 58.6 percent of total US LNG exports in January.

US terminals sent 69.3 Bcf of LNG to the UK in December and 82.8 Bcf of LNG to the UK in November.

France was the top destination for US LNG exports in October and September, while the Netherlands took on this role in August.

Prior to August, France was also the top destination for five straight months.

US LNG exports dropped by 4.7 percent

The US exported in total 336.9 Bcf of LNG in January, down by 4.7 percent compared to the same month last year and also down 0.8 percent from the prior month, the DOE report shows.

US terminals shipped 102 LNG cargoes in January, compared to 112 in December and 108 in January 2022, according to the report.

Cheniere’s Sabine Pass plant sent 41 cargoes, while its Corpus Christi terminal shipped 19 cargoes in January.

In addition, Cameron LNG dispatched 33 shipments, Cove Point sent six shipments, and Elba Island sent three shipments.

Freeport LNG remained shut in January due to an incident at the facility that took place on June 8, but the operator of facility is now working to restore full operations after it received regulatory approvals for all three trains.

4358 LNG cargoes

According to DOE’s report, the weighted average price by export terminal reached 10.82/MMBtu in January.

Moreover, the report said that in the period from February 2016 through January 2023, the US exported 4358 cargoes or 13,937.1 Bcf to 44 countries.

South Korea remains the top destination for US LNG with 502 cargoes, followed by Japan with 369 cargoes, Spain with 339 cargoes, the UK with 317 cargoes, and France with 308 cargoes.

Besides these five countries, China, the Netherlands, India, Turkey, and Brazil are in the top ten as well.

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