Gasum to build new Swedish bio-LNG plant

Finnish state-owned energy firm and LNG supplier, Gasum, has decided to build a new liquefied biogas (bio-LNG) plant in Borlange, Sweden.

Gasum said the the investment decision is the next step in its plan to build five large-scale biogas plants in Sweden.

In February last year, Gasum started building the first bio-LNG plant in Gotene, and expects production to start at his facility at the end of 2024.

The remaining three plants will be located in Kalmar, Sjobo, and Horby, while Gasum is also planning a biogas plant near Trondheim in Norway.

Over 62 million euros

According to Gasum, it will invest over 62 million euros ($67 million) in the construction of the plant in Borlänge, Sweden.

Also, the project has been granted a subsidy of 15 million euros ($62 million) from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s Klimatklivet investment program.

Gasum plans to start buidling the new plant during spring 2024.

The Borlange plant will be using a total of 270,000 tons of feedstock per year.

Household waste will be collected and processed by Gasum’s local partner Borlange Energi, and manure will be sourced from farmers in the Borlange area, Gasum said.

By using a feedstock mixture of regionally sourced organic household waste and manure the plant will produce 133 gigawatt hours (GWh) worth of liquefied biogas per year from 2026 onwards, it said.

Liquefied biogas, or bio-LNG, can be used in shipping, road transport, including heavy-duty vehicles, and in industrial use.

Gasum has a large network of LNG/bio-LNG fueling stations for trucks in the Nordics but it also delivers bio-LNG to its maritime customers.

The company’s goal is to bring seven terawatt hours (TWh) of renewable gas yearly to the market by 2027.

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