Budapest to host third LNG summit

The Budapest LNG Summit focuses on the up and coming LNG region of Central & Eastern Europe (CEE). The third Budapest LNG Summit in 2021 will cover all the hot topics dominating the LNG sector, bringing together stakeholders from the entire value chain.

The goal of the Summit is to create an exclusive, high-level forum for the top industry leaders from the region and beyond, enabling them to network, explore and consider the medium and long-term prospects for the LNG business in CEE.

The Budapest LNG Summit connects regional CEE demand with the international supply chain while providing a platform for sharing and discussing insights and perspectives on the key LNG-related developments in the region.

At Budapest LNG Summit you can meet the major stakeholder in the regional LNG industry, LNG ports and terminals’ operators, LNG infrastructure developers, policymakers and providers of innovative solutions. Expand your network and find potential partners.

For more information, please visit the event’s website.