Nakilat: Cargo/Gas Engineer

Nakilat is looking for a cargo/gas engineer.

Job Requisition No.:  17683

Category:  Seagoing

Job Summary and Purpose

The Cargo Engineer Officer is responsible to the Chief Engineer Officer for the maintenance of all cargo handling and monitoring equipment and other associated systems.  During cargo operations the Cargo Engineer is responsible for providing operational support to the OOW with respect to cargo handling and equipment.

He is responsible for carrying out all operations necessary for cargo care and supervision at sea and must provide the Chief Officer with all information necessary for him to exercise his responsibility for the cargo carriage.

He is responsible for the safety of all personnel working under his supervision.


He is responsible to the Chief Engineer Officer for the maintenance of:

  • Cargo instrumentation including transmitters, receivers, recorders, regulators, actuator, and lines
  • Cargo compressors, including loading, discharge, spray valves, lines, and equipment
  • Cargo/spray pumps
  • Ballast system, including valves, lines, pumps, and control systems
  • Gas analyzer maintenance
  • Inert gas/dry air plant, where fitted
  • Re-liquefaction plant and Gas Combustion Unit (GCU), where fitted Nitrogen system, including tanks, lines, valves, and all associated equipment.
  • Carrying out any lawful command and delegated duty as issued by the Chief Engineer. and /or Master

He is responsible to the Chief Engineer Officer for the testing of equipment and maintenance of records for:

  • Gas detectors and analyzers
  • Smoke detectors in compressor house
  • ESD system checks prior to arrival at load and discharge ports
  • Daily cargo log
  • Adjustment of heating coils
  • Inner hull inspections and records
  • Routine testing at sea and pre-arrival assisted by the Chief Officer

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