Nakilat: Purchasing Assistant

Nakilat is looking for a purchasing assistant.

Job Requisition No.: 14824
Category: Shore-Based
Job Title : Purchasing Assistant
Reports To : Head of Purchasing

Job Summary and Purpose

Ensure that items requested by the vessel, the company, business partner and JVS are send quoted, approved, ordered and delivered in accordance to user requirement, in a timely manner and as per the applicable policies and procedures.


Core Accountabilities:

  1. Ensure the timely ordering of the day to day requisitions received from End User, by using the software used for the procurement and the supply chain.
  2. Monitor requisitions entered in Company’s software, Purchasing and Inventory System from vessels and generate ‘Request for Quotation’ from Approved suppliers, implementing Company’s relevant policies, procedures and initiatives.
  3. Analyze quotations on a value cost basis commensurate with Quality and availability in order to ensure cost efficiency.
  4. Raise ‘Purchase Orders’ once the End User approves the RFQ and track ‘Purchase Orders’ from Supplier via warehouses and freight forwarders till delivery on-board vessel.
  5. Assist the Accounting function for disputed invoices related to Material items and Freight forwarding.
  6. Assist the End User/ Superintendent in the preparation of the budget.
  7. Ensure the goods/services delivered is in compliance with International Rules and regulations applicable the End User, (SOLAS, Wheel mark, etc.)
  8. Report to the Head of Purchasing any specific vessel requirements.
  9. Coordinate the purchase of Lube Oil to the vessels in order to ensure smooth delivery without delays and issues.
  10. Evaluate in cooperation with the Marine Purchasing Officers & Head of Purchasing various suppliers in order to maintain cooperation with the most valuable suppliers for the company.
  11. Monitor and manage suppliers’ performance and lead suppliers’ improvement programmes in order to enhance competitiveness and progress.
  12. Apply the most appropriate Purchasing strategies, including efficient procurement processes and supplier-base management, wherever possible ensuring fair and free competition between potential suppliers.
  13. Assist in providing reports on purchasing performance, through analyzing all available data and propose plans to the Head of Purchasing so as to meet individual, team or Supply department objectives.
  14. Arrange freight shipments, coordinate emergency repair needs, pick-ups and deliveries in a cost effective and timely manner to respond to customer needs and keep abreast of department of Transportation shipping regulations.
  15. Travel to conduct Vendor Audits as required by the management and the needs of the business.

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