Nakilat: Technical Superintendent (FSRU)

Nakilat is looking for a technical superintendent (FSRU).

Job Requisition No.:  16142

Category:  Shore-Based

Job Summary and Purpose

Lead the overall technical management (including technical services provided by third party managers) of LNG/LPG vessels under direct management of NSQL, in a reliable, safe and cost efficient manner. Support various projects and studies related to fleet in order to ensure efficient and reliable operations, as well as ensure that all ships are being operated in compliance with the applicable regulations and legislations as well as class requirements and industry standards.

Key Accountabilities:

1.    Maintain high technical and operational standards for the vessels in order to meet the reliability benchmarks. 
2.    Strive to achieve industry-wide best standards for vessels, dry docking, repairs and performance by application of statistical analysis on repair periods, frequency of repairs, time of repairs, etc. as well as preparation of database containing details of fuel consumption, equipment failure and spare parts. Also schedule periodic ship visits and inspections in order to track achievement against best standards.
3.    Contribute to various projects and studies related to fleet in order to improve quality and standards of vessels.
4.    Develop policies and procedures related to ship management, and ensure sign off through MOC process.

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