Shell: Commercial Operator LNG West Freight

Shell LNG Marketing & Trading is seeking a commercial operator LNG West Freight.

SLMT (Shell LNG Marketing & Trading) is the Global LNG Trading organization and the Commercial Freight Operator sits within STO which is the Operations arm of Shell Trading. Shell is global leader in LNG business. This is a global business with supply projects in both Atlantic and Asia Pacific basins and customers spread across Asia, Europe, Middle East and South America. The nature this high value trade is evolving with the mix of long- and short-term contracts changing fast.

Commercial LNG Operations provides commercial, logistical and administrative support to Shell Trading and is as such responsible on a day to day basis for the timely implementation and execution of freight and commercial transactions to ensure that all obligations arising from the LNG contract and time charter party (TCP) are met and carried out professionally. They work closely with Freight traders and Optimisation Trader to maximize the value-add through the application of economics and optimization skills for profitable operations and minimize the profit leakage from the flexibility and optionality embedded in the LNG contracts and Supply programs. Trading operations are also involved in the development of projects and new contracts. Due to the nature of physical trading operations, out of office hours working will be required.

The LNG Operations team is responsible on a day to day basis be able to operate LNG ships under SLMT responsibility working closely with the chartering team. In addition to freight operations this incumbent will also be expected to gain necessary experience to implement and execute commercial deals.

Please visit Shell’s website for more information.