Gasum to further boost biogas production in Sweden

Finland-based Gasum will further boost biogas production in Sweden as the LNG and LBG supplier continues to expand its presence in the country.

The firm welcomed in a statement on Tuesday a move by the Swedish government to invest in biogas production. Sweden aims to invest 500 million ($57.5 million) Swedish crowns by 2022, followed by 700 million crowns ($80.6 million) in 2023-2024.

According to Gasum that operates a network of LNG filling stations in Sweden, the support could continue yearly until 2040.

Arla in Sweden has now together with Gasum decided to expand the current partnership that would “benefit the biogas production and use in Sweden the following years,” Gasum said.

In essence, the partnership includes collecting manure in order to produce biogas and bio-fertilizer. In the end, this means more biogas for the transport industry, Gasum said.

Alra already operates 10 biogas trucks with an additional three coming this year.

In total, they would drive about 250,000 km per year, a mileage that would have required 1 million liters of diesel, according to Gasum.

Using liquefied biogas instead of diesel would lower Arla’s emissions “extensively”, it said.

One of Gasum’s planned major investments in the production of liquid biogas is in Gatene.

The plant, with a production capacity of 120 GWh/a has received support via Klimatklivet, a government initiative funding local projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions. The government also plans to expand support via this initiative, Gasum said.

Gasum has also earlier this year secured funds via Klimatklivet to build two new biogas production plants in southern Sweden.

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