Nordsol and Prodeval to build bio-LNG plant in Portugal

Dutch bio-LNG player Nordsol joined forces with French biogas firm Prodeval to build a bio-LNG production plant in the southern region of Portugal.

According to a statement by Nordsol, the new plant is expected to start operations in 2025 and will serve an industrial facility in the olive oil production sector, utilizing their organic waste to create bio-LNG.

To maximize the value of the organic residues from olive oil production, the biogas plant and the bio-LNG installation are co-located.

The facility’s projected output is set to reach 10 tons of bio-LNG and 21 tons of biogenic liquefied CO2 daily from 1100 nm³/h of biogas, primarily sourced from olive waste water, Nordsol said.

The liquefied state allows for efficient transportation of the biomethane to a gasification unit, linking it directly into the natural gas network.

From this entry point, this biomethane will be utilized to decarbonize high-temperature / high-pressure industrial processes.

The bio-LNG production process involves upgrading biogas into biomethane using Prodeval’s membrane technology, while this biomethane is then liquefied to bio-LNG using Nordsol’s technology.

Also, the biogenic CO2 captured during the process will be liquefied using Prodeval’s system.

This biogenic CO2 will be used in the food and beverage industry where it will displace CO2 from fossil resources.

This project marks the third installation by Prodeval for a client in Portugal, Nordsol said.

Image: Nordsol

Nordsol’s bio-LNG expansion

In the Netherlands, Nordsol and its partners are nearing completion of the bio-LNG plant in Wilp.

Nordsol, Attero, and Titan took a final investment decision to build the LNG plant in November 2022.

Attero will process domestic biowaste into 6 million Nm3 of biogas per year, while Nordsol and Attero will jointly produce 2,400 tons/year of bio-LNG and 5,000 tons/year liquid bio-CO2 from this biogas using Nordsol’s patented iLNG technology.

Also, Titan, the exclusive long-term off-taker, will supply the bio-LNG to the maritime industry.

This facility will not be the first bio-LNG facility in the Netherlands as Nordsol already operates the bio-LNG plant in Amsterdam Westpoort.

However, it will be the first bio-LNG plant for shipping as the Amsterdam Westpoort facility provides fuel for the transport sector.

In December last year, Nordsol also joined forces with compatriot Regazz to develop bio-LNG production plants at agricultural sites in Europe.

In addition, UK’s RenEco and Nordsol are planning to launch what they say is Britain’s first bio-LNG production plant in 2024.

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